Stay True To Your “Brand”

Hey Biz Talkers! I’m sure that many of you have heard out Adele being on the verge of signing a $130 million dollar record deal (90 million British pounds) with Sony as well as Soulja Boy being a key player in a $400 million dollar project organized by World Poker Fund Holdings (WPFH).

These deals are clearly groundbreaking from a financial standpoint. But, more importantly, these deals are textbook examples of how important it is for artists  to be true to what their brand identity is in the entertainment industry and how powerful it can be if it is not compromised.

Adele epitomizes the power of  unique individual talent and artistry. In an age of copycat sound and “cookie cutter” artists, Adele has become the highest selling artist in the world by staying true to producing powerful songs with meaning and a message and by not succumbing to the medias definition of attractiveness. Soulja Boy has tirelessly developed a very strong social media presence since his debut in 2007 to the tune of over 15 million followers. This has allowed him to position himself as someone who has the influence to drive online entertainment revenues across a broad variety of platforms including poker which has a fan base that is uniquely different from the hip-hop music fan base.

The takeaway for the recording artist is to STAY TRUE TO YOUR BRAND AND BE WHO YOU ARE! It’s easy to try to copy what appears to be popular or hot at the moment; but the key to longevity in the music industry is to be unique enough to have your own special identity that separates you from the millions of other artists that are trying to make their mark. The key to success is not to be like everybody else, but to find a way to have everybody else want to be like you! Until next time, blessings and peace!!!


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