How can I help you? Below are some answers to some questions that I am frequently asked about my office and the services I provide.


Q: What is entertainment law?

Entertainment law is simply legal services provided to the entertainment industry. These services often overlap with copyright and trademark law (Intellectual Property). Much of entertainment law focuses on the negotiation, drafting and mediation of contracts. There are also matters concerning legal disputes which may lead to litigation in court or arbitration.

Q: What kind of services do you offer?

My law office can provide services to you in the negotiation and drafting of all music business transactions including the following areas:   

  • Exclusive recording Agreements
  • Independent Producing
  • Management
  • Songwriting
  • Publishing
  • Soundtrack Recording Agreements

I also provide consultation on all aspects of the music industry, as well as drafting and negotiation services involving agreements in the motion picture and television industries.

Q: Who do you represent?

I represent artists and talent throughout the United States. Some of the clients that I have worked with appear on my client page. You can also find comments from some of my clients discussing their experience working with me on my testimonials page.

Q: Will you “shop” my record/film/screenplay to industry “dealmakers?”

I do not offer shopping services to my clients. However, I always look to provide helpful information to my clients as to how they can approach and potentially engage such parties.

Q: Can you review my art and tell me if it’s worthy of getting a deal?

Although I try my best to stay in the lane of providing legal services to my clients, I would be more than happy to check out your project and give you my opinion if you ask.

Q: Can you file a lawsuit for me?

I don’t provide this service for my clients. However, I can provide all legal services and consultation prior to a lawsuit being filed.


Q: What is the best way to contact your office?

The best way to get in touch with me is to reach out to me on my contact page. All messages are sent directly to me. I will respond to all inquiries as soon as possible, usually within one business day.

Q: Is my communication with you by phone or e-mail confidential?

I take the utmost care in protecting any communication you may have with me. I will never share the details of any communication with any other party.


Q: How can I refer someone else to your firm?

Referrals from satisfied clients are always appreciated! Feel free to provide my website information to others, or provide my phone number and ask them to call me directly.

Q: Can you offer me a job or an internship with your firm?

I’m not currently offering employment or internship opportunities at this time. However, I’m happy to discuss the field with those who have an interest. Feel free to reach out to me via the contact page to arrange a time to speak.

Q: Do you speak at events?

Yes! I would be more than happy to speak at your next event. To book me for your upcoming event/conference please contact me to discuss arrangements.


Q: How much do your services cost?

Please contact me to discuss.

Q: Do you offer flat fees?

I offer flat fees depending on the nature of the services needed. When I speak with you, and learn the details of your matter, I can confirm whether a flat fee or hourly rate is the appropriate pricing structure.

Q: Do I have to pay in advance?

Any advance payments are determined on a case-by-case basis. I will let you know if an advance payment is required before any legal services are agreed to and provided.

Q: Does you firm offer payment plans?

Yes, depending on the nature of the legal services provided and what your specific needs are.

Q: How do I pay my invoice?

My office is partnered with Square to provide payment for legal services. For your convenience, we have set up payment processing directly on our website. Please see my payment page. I accept all major credit cards for payment of legal fees.